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Astral Sorcery Wand

Wand Size: 9" x 1.25"

$1 from each sale goes to Make-A-Wish

This wand is focused on harnessing the powers of starlight + the constellations. Explore + discover your inner dreamscape + the sky above you. Direct starlight to your will, strengthening yourself and enhancing the world around you. Sleep with this wand under your pillow to promote all your sweet dreams coming to fruition into your waking life!

50% of this wand is constructed with unique reclaimed vintage jewelry. The handle is a "honey dipper" shaped bobbin that was previously used in textile factories during the early industrial revolution.​ Our collective grandmothers used these bobbins to literally sew the fabric of our country as far back as 100 years ago!

Use this wand to channel the energies of the cosmos + align the universe to deliver ALL the playfulness and delight of the astral realm! Remember, YOU are the Goddess of your own destiny and the power + beauty of the universe lies within you! 

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