About  the Artist

I’m a self-taught artist born in the Philadelphia area, who has an incurable curiosity. I’ve always believed in magic, supernatural beings and mystical realms my entire life.  That invisible energy that you sense, or that gut feeling that led you in the right direction, or the “sign” you received from a loved one who has passed…these kinds of mysterious and unexplained “coincidences” of life are the inspirations for the art that I create.  My art is a physical manifestation of those magical miracles.  Every time I create new work, I set the intention for the art to bring uplifting energy to whomever claims it as their own. To “wake up” the magic in that person’s life. 

I’ve experimented with so many mediums and materials since I was a child. Creative pursuits were a daily activity for me and these artistic expressions  led me along an experimental journey of creating a variety of whimsical objects that bring the creative magical realm into our everyday humdrum routines. Our day-to-day lives can get so caught up with the mundane that we may not stop to take a breath and enjoy the magic happening right in front of us.

Jeannie Seidel

Like the magic of a dragon fly that lands on your window and engages your sense of wonder, or a technicolor sunset on your drive home. Life is FULL of magical experiences if we just stop and take a look. 



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