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About the Artist

Hello there, Magical Maven! I'm Jeannie Seidel, the Artsy Witch behind Queen of Wands Enchanted Gifts in Philadelphia. I design + create whimsical handmade, customized magic wands.

50% of each wand is fabricated from salvaged materials like discarded vintage jewelry bits, belt buckles, horse brass, finials + antique industrial bobbinsThese wands are created with the ancestral energy of our collective grandmothers, who wore these dazzling pieces of jewelry and who used these bobbins for literally weaving the fabric of our country, while working in US textile mills circa 1920s to 1950s. Over the decades, these wooden bobbins absorbed all that “grandmotherly energy”, and were later considered obsolete for textile manufacturing in the 1950s due to the invention of plastic. Now, they are harnessed for their ancestral energy and transformed into magical tools instead of rendering useless!

It all started when my sisters gave me a box of our grandmother's vintage jewelry. I was inspired by her unique dangly pieces and began to repurpose them into sun catchers that I hung along the windows in my small, 1 bedroom condo. Then my husband gave me a bouquet of flowers with magic wands attached + I had a BIG SPARK of an idea - to make my own wands using jewels similar to my grandmother's. I began collecting vintage jewelry bits and charms from local thrift shops and along my travels to other cities like New Orleans + Tokyo. I made my first 3 wands + people loved them! The positive response from the witchy community was truly overwhelming! So now, here I am 6 years later still spreading the magic through my unique pieces of art. 

The Witchy Details

My Wand Gallery is named for the Queen of Wands tarot card, which symbolizes an upbeat, courageous & determined energy. This card means you are here to see through your creative visions and life purpose, even in the face of adversity & challenge.

Jeannie Seidel
Jeannie Seidel


Flower Arrangement 2

"Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it."

          ~Roald Dahl

Flower Arrangement 1

I define myself as an eclectic witch / assemblage artist / experimenter / creative quirky queen with an incurable curiosity. I find my inspiration within the realms of magic, supernatural beings & mystical energy. 


That invisible energy you sense, or that gut feeling that led you in the right direction, or the “sign” you received from a loved one who passed…these kinds of mysterious and unexplained “coincidences” of life are the inspirations for the whimsical items I create. 

My art is a physical manifestation of those magical miracles.  Every time I create a new wand, I set the intention to “wake up” the magic in that person’s life and to bring uplifting energy to whomever claims it as their own. The purpose of my artistic expression is to bring the creative, magical realm into our daily humdrum routines.

Our everyday lives can get so caught up with the mundane that we may not stop to take a breath and enjoy the magic happening right in front of us.

Like the magic of a dragon fly that lands on your window and engages your sense of wonder, or a technicolor sunset on your drive home. Life is FULL of magical experiences if we just stop and take a look. 



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