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Sew Perfect for Wandmaking

I have really missed exploring The Resource Exchange in person, but lucky for me, they have curbside pickup!

I found these very cool vintage bobbins that were likely used in philly textile mills dating back to somewhere between the 1930s & 40s. Could these be any more PERFECT for making magic wands?!💕💫

I also happen to live near the Yarn Factory Lofts, which is an old textile mill turned into apartments. The previously Wilde Yarns Mill started in 1884 by 2 brothers, John & Thomas Wilde and was fully functional through 2012.

These bobbins were used on many large machines, some with hundreds of spindles, weaving various materials like wool and silk. With new techniques and the invention of plastic bobbins in the 1950s, these wooden ones became obsolete.

It seems only fitting that they are transformed into magic wands during their golden years of retirement. I am excited to see how they turn out!

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