Hello, Enchanted Queen!  I'm taking a little winter solstice interlude 

to brainstorm

new wand ideas!

Happy Holidays! see you in 2022 with

more MAGIC! 


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50% of each custom wand is fabricated from reclaimed materials like belt buckles, finials, vintage jewelry, and antique industrial bobbins from 1930s/ 40s textile mills. A select few of these wands have crystals or charms from cities like New Orleans, Philadelphia and Tokyo attached to the design.  



I believe in spreading the magic, so $1 from every wand sold is donated to Make a Wish Foundation!

Wand Gallery



Queen of Pentacles Wand



The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card symbolizes success, wealth and prosperity!  This Queen inspires your sense of warmth, hearth & home, trust, security & all the creature comforts of life. 

The feature piece of this wand is a solid brass horse medallion adorned with a large rhinestone pentacle.  These medallions were worn in protection of each horse and were a symbol of good fortune!  History of Horse Brass

Green Faerie Wand_edited.jpg


Green Faerie Wand



The Green Faerie symbolizes artistic enlightenment + exploration of inspiration, a free state of mind, and new ideas + she represents changing social order. A very timely theme since it seems our world is undergoing many social changes.  

This wand was serendipitous  

because the design started when

I found this old spiral curtain rod finial at the Resource Exchange.

I kept picturing brightly colored flowers with faeries and butterflies swirling around - perhaps dancing in an enchanted forest from

another realm! 



Witchy Pixie Wand

Witchy Pixie is a mini-forest creature unique to the enchanted garden of my own imagination! Pixies bring out the light-hearted spirit in all of us + help us celebrate our connection to nature.


And what makes this pixie so "witchy"? The crescent moon charm, the little black kitty and the pentagram situated at the end of the tassel.  At the very bottom, I added a quail feather - a symbol of growth, renewal and luck!   

This piece is assembled with a reclaimed carved rose knob. At the very tippy top, you'll notice a Tibetan prayer bead that I received from a Monk on the streets of Tokyo while exploring the Sensoji Buddhist Temple in Asakusa. Very Unique energy is encapsulated in this beauty!

Sun Moon Stars.jpg


Celestial Wand



ALL of the Universe resides in this Magical Wand! About 70% of this item is comprised of upcycled vintage materials. 

The handle is an antique bobbin likely used in Philadelphia textile mills circa 1930s. The vintage sun is attached to a Bakelite buckle and 2 vintage earrings. Bakelite is the first type of plastic ever created. As with all my pieces, I am proud to rescue these from harming Mother Earth and transforming them into Magic!

Queen of Hearts Wand.jpg


Queen of Hearts Wand


This wand is an eclectic mix of jute, magical charms & cork with a reclaimed marbled finial on top. The hot-pink sparkly heart is affixed to a vintage piece surrounded by rhinestones. 

The Queen of Hearts as depicted on typical playing cards, represents a sincere woman who evokes feelings of unconditional love. & True Love, afterall, is a Magical Power! 


Is this a scepter? Is it a wand? That's for the Queen of Hearts to decide!  

FireDrake Wand.jpg


Firedrake Wand


Named for Diana Bishop's familiar in the Discovery of Witches Trilogy (if you haven't read - these books are FULL of Magic ;) 

Firedrakes, aka dragons, symbolize intuitive power, wisdom, strength and hidden knowledge. 

This wand is an firey combination of vintage glass bobbles + funky beads and wire. Perfect for Divination, Decoration or just feeling like the Magical Queen you are! 

Eagle Spirit Wand


Eagle Spirit Wand


The top of this unique wand is adorned with a miniature decorative bottle from India. The eagle charm symbolizes inspiration, courage, longevity and loyalty.

Sugar Skull Wand.jpg


Sugar Skull Wand



Sugar Skulls are often displayed on Día de Los Muertos, a holiday of the Mexican culture. On this vibrant day, the living celebrate their ancestors by offering prayer and remembrance to them. In this way, Sugar Skulls symbolize a celebration of life.

This unique and sparkly wand is adorned with a sugar skull imbedded with cotton candy pink rhinestones that is also a reclaimed belt buckle from a Philadelphia vintage shop.