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Wand of Magical Doorways

“Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else”


This mystical quote, engraved on a vintage charm on this wand, is pointing you toward Magical Doorways that are now opening! Find out what enchanting discoveries are awaiting your future!

The inspiration for this wand came to me while I was watching Locke & Key, one of my favorite magical TV series! 

For the base, I upcycled an antique industrial bobbin sourced from the Resource Exchange in Philly. These bobbins were used in the 1920s - 50s textile mills in the Northeastern US. (read more about the history of bobbins


If you hold this wand at the right angle in the sunlight, the multi-colored gem on top will shower hundreds of sparkles onto whatever doorway you choose! This wand is here to encourage you to live in the most magical way - by walking through all the doors that open for you! 


Often when we walk though doors that are opening, (instead of forcing open the ones that are closing), we are led to wonderful unknown adventures and places we may have never imagined we would travel or experience! 


This Wand of Magical Doorways is here to open all the entry ways you desire! Perhaps you’ll visit Narnia, Hogwarts or even the Land of Oz – the possibilities are endless because, Queen, YOUR life is MAGICAL!

Wand Size: 14.5" x 2.5"

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