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I'm so thrilled to announce that my art was selected by the editorial team at Witchology Magazine to be featured in their Spring 2023 issue! It's such a compliment to be associated with so many top notch witchy businesses in the Coven Market and to be part of such a beautiful publication! Check out their online version of the Coven Market here.

  • Writer's pictureJeannie Seidel

We ALL have a personal energy (aka MAGIC✨) that sends out a "vibe" to the world and helps us see the beauty around us.

What’s the key to activating YOUR personal MAGIC? ---- CULTIVATE your curiosity.

If you maintain a curious outlook on life, your enthusiasm & passion for living grows like WILDFIRE and you attract people, situations & opportunities that assist you along your path. Be curious about learning new things and meeting more kindred spirits and you'll unlock your personal magic.

Some people interpret enthusiasm as naivete' or lack of intellect. But fun, play and imagination are NOT just for kids and artists. We ALL need to play and have fun! Having fun and using your imagination is not only good for your health, but it also brings positivity into your life.

It's time to be less serious. Ignore how others perceive you & just enjoy what makes you happy.

Claim your magical life - not to impress anyone, but just for your own pure enjoyment! Show life how grateful you are by noticing the small things.

Relishing in the wonderful small things that are available for you to experience on a daily basis will create MAGIC right in front of you.

Like the magic of a dragon fly that lands on your window and engages your sense of wonder...Take a breath, have a sip of tea, absorb the beautiful sight of the flowers in your back yard - even just for a few minutes - and fully enjoy whatever small magical moments you can.

Celebrate life EVERY day, stay magical and don't let anybody steal your sparkle!

  • Writer's pictureJeannie Seidel

I'm such a HUGE fan of Mena and her Instagram page, The Psychic Witch Diaries. When she asked me to be her first guest on Cauldron Chats for 2022, I was so honored! If you'd like to learn more about my artistic journey of wandmaking, you can catch the replay on Instagram.


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