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Witchy Pixie Wand

Witchy Pixie is a mini-forest creature unique to the enchanted garden of my own imagination! Pixies bring out the light-hearted spirit in all of us + help us celebrate our connection to nature.


And what makes this pixie so "witchy"? The crescent moon charm, the little black kitty and the pentagram situated at the end of the tassel.  At the very bottom, I added a quail feather - a symbol of growth, renewal and luck!   

This piece is assembled with a reclaimed carved rose knob. At the very tippy top, you'll notice a Tibetan prayer bead that I received from a Monk on the streets of Tokyo while exploring the Sensoji Buddhist Temple in Asakusa. Very Unique energy is encapsulated in this beauty!

Wand Size: 15.5" x 1.25"


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