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Harvest Moon Wand

September 20, 2021 was the Harvest Full Moon + the beginning of Autumn! During the Harvest Moon it's a Magical time to demonstrate gratitude + appreciation for what the summer season has given us. Abundance and blessings are the heartbeat of the Fall Equinox! 

This magical wand is here to celebrate your harvest blessings and amplify their energy! 

The focal point of this piece is an intricate crescent moon, which is a reclaimed lamp finial from a local Philadelphia market.  Surrounded by vintage rhinestones, the top of this piece connects to a dangle of lampwork beads attached to a flowing pentacle.


The pentacle represents good + pure energy, a symbol of light and love. Each point of the pentacle represents the 5 natural elements as related to the Tibetan sect of Feng Shui - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.  


The presence of the 5 elements restores + maintains energetic balance so that you are always in alignment with your most positive blessings!    

Wand Size: 15" x 1.25"

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