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Don't be a Basic Witch Wand

Are you a Basic Witch? No judgement here ;) As defined by Urban Dictionary, a Basic Witch is: "Just a girl obsessed with witchy aesthetics who owns a pretty tarot deck." 

Whether you're just a witch at Halloween or year-round, there's nothing "Basic" about this magical wand! It's an eclectic mix of reclaimed materials and sparkle awaiting your energy! 

The topper is a reclaimed drawer pull with an embossed botanical scene of two whimsical creatures -  a 3-legged crow and a dragonfly. 


The 3 legged crow is a Chinese symbol that represents sun energy.  It's 3 legs represent heaven, earth and humanity. Dragonflies symbolize change, transformation and adaptability.  These energies combine to enhance your ability to derive a deeper meaning from your life path. 


The rhinestone crescent moon and the copper leaf at the very bottom, were both reclaimed from a Philly vintage shop.  I added the black cat because every witch needs a familiar ;) 


Black cats have long been associated with Halloween and witchcraft. If a black cat crosses your path it's actually a spiritual sign that healing energies are entering into your life. 

Wand Size: 13.75"x 1.5" 

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