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Azure Moon Mystical Wand

Every once in a Blue (Azure) Moon you may be lucky enough to come across a wand like this! A blue moon is typically the second full moon that occurs in a single month.

The Blue moon symbolizes the growth of knowledge and wisdom throughout the phases of a woman's life, also known as the Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone.


This wand was made in honor of the Goddess Luna, who embodies instinct, creativity, luck, femininity, and miracles that happen during a Blue Moon!

The crescent moon + star charm is a reclaimed vintage pin, and the other dangly pieces at the bottom are also reclaimed vintage charms from discarded bits.    

The handle of this wand is a repurposed antique industrial bobbin that I sourced from an antique shop in Maine named "Milling Around Maine."


These bobbins were used in the 1920s - 50s textile mills in the Northeastern US on some machines with hundreds of spindles. Our collective grandmothers who worked in the textile factories were weaving luxurious fabrics like silk and wool with these bobbins until they were considered obsolete in the 1950s.

Use this mystical wand to call upon the Goddess Luna whenever you need to manifest an abundance of "Blue Moon" miracles and good fortune!

Wand Size: 11.5" x 3"

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