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Dreams of Gaia Wand

Named for the "Dreams of Gaia" Tarot deck, this wand's purpose is to strengthen your connection to your divine self and remove any blockages that hold you back from realizing your fullest potential! 

According to Greek mythology, Gaia was the primordial goddess of Earth and the mother of all creation. Call upon Gaia when you stop to wonder at a copper sunset or a misty full moon. She reminds us that nature is the avenue towards nurturing our spirit. Nature is the way in which the divine  shows itself, blesses our lives and helps us create deep inner connections.

80% of this wand is constructed with reclaimed pieces, that feature a dazzling vintage rhinestone crescent moon affixed to a solid brass fixture. The aqua glass dangle is a repurposed vintage earring and the brass witch bell at the bottom provides both whimsy and mystical protection.


Witch bells have been used for centuries in spell-crafting and for removing unwanted or negative energies. Ring the bell as an energy clearing for your home or at the end of a ritual to bless your intention. 


The handle is a "honey dipper" shaped bobbin that was previously used in textile factories during the early industrial revolution.​ Our collective grandmothers used these bobbins to literally sew the fabric of our country as far back as 100 years ago!

May this wand bring to your life all the blessings and dreams of Gaia!


Wand Size: 14" x 3.5"

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