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Gypsy Rose Wand

A Gypsy is a bold, independent woman who will not be defined by roles or society.


Gypsies symbolize female power and were always viewed as strong + free-spirited! The Gypsy way of life is one of travel + discovery.  She is a symbol of independence, good fortune, desire and living life!

A single rose symbolizes love, passion and beauty. A Gypsy Rose is a Spellbinding, Gorgeous Maven who propels her life forward with her love and passion for adventurous living! 


70% of this wand is constructed with reclaimed pieces, that feature a dazzling cluster of vintage rhinestones affixed to a 1960s copper plated stamping with open metalwork. The handle is an antique bobbin from the 1930s + 40s textile mills that I sourced from an eclectic antique shop in Maine.

The Gypsy Rose Wand will bring forth your wild heart and conjure up fresh energy + unforgettable adventures!  

Wand Size: 14" x 3.5"

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