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Cottage Witch Wand

Use this wand to conjure up magical comfort food + clear away negativity for a more blessed and enchanted home! 


A Cottage Witch is a true Domestic Goddess! She is a protector of the hearth + home.


A Cottage Witch brings cheer + warmth to every room she enters and her focus is family, home + daily needs. She brings magic into everyday life by honoring Gods + Goddesses, blessing + protecting her family and home with cozy meals and uplifting rituals.  A Cottage Witch may perhaps live in a quaint little cabin in the woods, communing with nature, fireflies + faeries!

50% of this wand is made with reclaimed pieces, including the handle, which is an antique industrial bobbin from 1930s - 1940s Philadelphia textile mills.

Our collective grandmothers (who were also Cottage + Kitchen Witches) used these bobbins to literally weave the fabric of our country! 


The art deco Bakelite buckle dangling from the top is also a piece from the 1930s. Bakelite was the very first thermosetting "art plastic" patented in the early 1900s. I'm honored to salvage these unique pieces from harming Mother Earth + her magical creatures!   


The bottom dangle displays a crescent moon charm with a cute, little kitty because every Cottage Witch needs a housecat to snuggle with, and assist with her spells + rituals!


Wand Size: 13" x 3"

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