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Queen of Wands

Enchanted Gifts + Magical Curiosities

My wands are an art form, a keepsake of your grandmother’s jewelry, and also a magical tool for witches to use in their craft. These wands are created with the ancestral energy from our collective grandmothers, who wore these dazzling jewelry pieces and who used these antique bobbins, literally weaving the fabric of our country while working in US textile mills circa 1920s to 1950s. These wooden bobbins absorbed all that “grandmother energy” over time, but were considered obsolete for textile manufacturing in the 1950s due to the invention of plastic. Now, they are harnessed for their ancestral energy and transformed into magical tools instead of rendering useless! 

This year marks 40 years that my grandmother, Gabrielle (Nana) Lombardo, passed away when I was 6 years old. Even as a 6 year old with a wild imagination, I could’ve never dreamed up a scenario where, as a 40-something adult, I would draw upon her energy and use her vintage dangly jewels as inspiration for creating magical tools for witches + art lovers, so they can tap into their own personal magic! I’ve been inspired over an entire lifetime through my spiritual interactions with my grandmother who led me to ultimately take on this whimsical journey. I define these wands as “art in motion” because they draw upon ancestral energy of vintage + antique items to manifest your most heartfelt wishes + desires.


I would be THRILLED to work with a talented writer on the Enchanted Living staff, to craft an article around the beginning influences + memories of my grandmother up to present day. It’s full of curious witchy moments and grandmotherly love that I think will fill your readers with cherished memories of their own grandmothers.  

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