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High Priestess Wand

Named for the High Priestess tarot card, this wand signifies spiritual enlightenment, inner illumination, divine knowledge and wisdom. The High Priestess is sending you a message that you have the opportunity to access knowledge deep within your soul through stillness, so you can tune into your intuition.


The answers you're seeking will come from within, from your deepest truth and ‘knowing’. Allow the High Priestess to become your guide as you venture deep into your inner wisdom, intuition and your Higher Self!


80% of this wand is comprised of vintage + reclaimed materials. The handle is an antique bobbin likely used in Philadelphia textile mills circa 1930s.  The jute cord displays a vintage rhinestone pendant, refurbished found objects and reclaimed curtain hardware.


As with all my pieces, I'm proud to rescue these unwanted items from harming Mother Earth and transforming them into Magic!

Wand Size: 16" x 2.5"


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