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Twilight Pixie Wand

Wish upon a Twilight Pixie + tell her your most enchanting dreams!

In the folkloric tradition of southwestern England, pixies are tiny elflike spirits or mischievous fairies who dance in the moonlight to the music of crickets + other mystical twilight creatures. 

Twilight is that magical time of day, early morning / late evening, when the spirit world blends with ours, connecting to us through a glittering combination of part sunlight / part starlight.  It's an optimal time to cast spells, manifest intentions + make heartfelt wishes! 


This wand features vibrant clusters of vintage rhinestone jewelry affixed to a reclaimed curtain finial  attached to an antique industrial bobbin that I used for the wand handle.  


The antique bobbin was reclaimed from a local shop and was likely used in 1930s / 40s Philadelphia textile mills. 90% of the pieces used to create this wand are re-claimed pieces, right down to the purple-winged pixie!


Just close your eyes, whisper all your wishes to the Twilight Pixie + she will carry your intentions out to the universe!

Wand Size: 14" x 2.5"

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